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Queen whore Moxxie Maddron on Facial Abuse. Yea, I know, this is Moxxie's 3rd fucking time on Facial Abuse, but she's known for always putting on a good show. You can moan and groan, or plaster a big shit eating grin on your face, but what is Duke Skywalker supposed to do when every week he gets a call from her begging to get abused again?

In order for Duke to shut her fucking trap, his answer to her final request was "Ok, but this time we are bringing this to another level." She said, "That's even better." The Facial Abuse crew started this one out a little different, and she got the business good.

Bootleg and Big Red put a silk bag over her hooker head and just started going to town on her used and abused holes. As always, oral anarchy broke out as the thick angry cocks drilled her throat forcing up all kinds of puke. Then they fucked her not so virgin ass and pussy and then DP'd her until she was filled to the brim with dick.

Like most sluts, she was beside herself, but unlike most skanks, she was loving the abuse. After Moxxie Maddron got messed up good, Duke Skywalker, Big Red and Bootled all dumped cum on stupid whore face.

After the Abuse that the Facial Abuse crew brought to her this time, she declared this to be her final scene. That's good that she went out with a bang, because there won't be a 4th. Enjoy this Moxxie Maddron Facial Abuse scene for all it's worth, as this really is one for the extreme porn history books!

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